Pelikan Collection

I love these pens, so I have been buying them off-and-on, sometimes even when I already have the same pen. The result is a "collection" that is uneven. I still have to obtain the more interesting limited editions (such as Hunting and Austria and the newer ones), so I am on the lookout. The following is in no particular order; it probably reflects the chaotic nature of my collection.


Vintage 1930's

Vintage 1938

Vintage 1952


 No 504

No 1247

No 855

 No 549




No: 373

Vintage: 2021

Art Series Glauco Cambon; Vintage: 2023 (Stock image)

Berlin (2001)

Stockholm (2001)

Madrid (2002)

San Fransisco (2002)

Chicago (2003)

New York (2003)

Athens (2004)

Piazza Navona (2004)

Place de la Concorde (2005)

Has a John Mottishow flex'ed 14K MO nib.

Medium flex 14K nib


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